Mid Cornwall's Premier Alpaca Herd

Here at Carpalla Alpacas we are creating a showcase for these wonderful animals, providing them with a peaceful and safe home.

We are also creating a setting where other Alpaca owners can board (agist) their Alpacas with us if they desire or if there is an emergency. Owners can come to the farm, take care of their alpacas and if they want, they can sit down in the pastures and watch the alpaca peacefully grazing or take in the stunning views over Cornwall. 

With the development of our new dwelling for which planning consent has just been received we hope to make all guests more comfortable on their visits.

Featured Alpaca

Carpalla Evenstar

Inexperienced Female
DOB: 8/6/2016

Featured Product

 Products for Sale - Super large alpaca scarf

Super large alpaca scarf

Price: £60.00

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